Monthly Archives: October 2015

Kız veya erkek?? Pink or blue? Girl or boy? These are the questions that might be answered this week (fingers crossed!) So, some have asked me to share Turkish pregnancy old wives’ tales. Here’s what my neighbors and friends say: 1. If you crave sweets, it’s a boy. 2. If you crave vinegar and sour foods, it’s a girl. 3. If you’re “wide” and gaining weight in the “back”, it’s a girl. If not, a boy. And yes, my neighbor made me stand up as she “assessed” my body. 4. If you have acne, it’s a boy. If not, a girl. I’ve heard this both ways. Lastly, they can’t believe how “big” I am “already”, which always makes me laugh. I mean, you’d never hear that in the states. Turkish women aren’t afraid to tell you how much you’ve gained (anytime) or to rub your belly way before you start showing. It’s awkward but funny. As always, they remind me (and our kids) to be mindful of how much clothing we should be wearing because ALL sickness comes from a lack of multiple layers and not wearing socks (even in the warmer months!)