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Ezekiel James

12519437_1708974272706650_82170581_nMom meets Zeke for the first time.


Ezekiel James💙 *photo credit: @kellyportnoy


I could just eat him up💙 *Photos taken by our talented and sweet friend, @kellyportnoy. Thank you for taking these beautiful shots of baby Zeke!


Family of FIVE💗


Baby Zeke is here!! He arrived at 4:28pm. 10lbs and 22 3/4 inches long. He’s been such a sweet and calm baby so far💙💙


We’re so excited for this little guy who is unique in his own way. Zeke has lighter blue eyes and medium blond hair at this point 🙂
Our hearts just overflow with love and thankfulness for this little gift from God. His story is a beautiful one already.