Monthly Archives: April 2017

Tomorrow is April 23rd and for Turkey and North Cyprus, it’s a unique holiday celebrating Children. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, made a present of April 23 to all the world’s children to emphasize that they are successor of the future. Here in Cyprus, every school and class celebrates with dances and costumes. This is Eden’s kindergarten class dance.

I can’t even tell you how joyful my heart is. One of my dearest and closest friends is here with us for a week and my heart is overflowing in gladness. It’s only been a few days but it feels so normal to have her here as a part of my life again. I have loved introducing her to my home and community here and to see how much they welcome her and love her already as well as for them to feel more a part of my life. This has been a long awaited gift.

One of the things we’ve realized on this trip is that this community of futbol players and their families see the Masterli team as family. Throughout our time together, many of the guys would help us and one another with the kids and seemed truly delighted by them. Traveling with a 1 year old on buses and planes isn’t easy but Zeke enjoyed being held by these families and was honestly better with them than me. We were truly grateful and honored to be a part of this trip and these growing friendships.