Monthly Archives: October 2017

Fall looks a little different on this island. There are a few grey pumpkins here and there, but little signs of fall from our tradition. Yet…I’ve grown to love some of the things that have become our new Fall. This time every year, our neighbors make a dish called A┼čure (Noah’s pudding) and give it out to all the neighbors. This is the third bowl we’ve received of this yummy warm pudding filled with nuts, fruits, and wheat grains. It’s a beautiful tradition here.

Yesterday we took our lesson to the grocery store. We learned that we should carefully check the expiration date on the lentils, rice, and packaged grains as well as look for bugs. Good to know! It was cool to follow her around and see how she chooses her vegetables, what brands of beans and lentils are the most flavorful, the “best” tea to drink, and which toothpaste has the best results. And it was just good to get out of the house for our lesson!